Thursday, July 10, 2014

Golda is Still Right

The late Golda Meir once remarked:

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

Hamas' actions continue to prove this statement correct with each rocket they fire and each person they encourage to be a human shield.

It is clear that Hamas cares more about killing as many Jews as possible, something, thankfully, they are failing miserably at at the current moment thanks to Iron Dome and other safety measures, than they do about their own citizens.

Israel has every right to take the actions it has taken in response to Hamas war crimes. If missiles were raining down upon Los Angeles or New York or Washington, we would demand that those responsible be held to account; we would demand that prompt military action be taken to end the threat. If people want to know the quickest way to stop Israeli attacks on Hamas positions in Gaza it is for Hamas to simply cease launching missiles into Israel.

Sovereign nations have the right, and responsibility, to protect their citizens from external attack. To deny this right to the Jewish State is anti-Semitism. Those that scream the loudest about Israel's actions almost invariably say either nothing about Hamas' war crimes or seek to minimize them by claiming that Hamas missiles are primitive. Just because Hamas uses weapons that are not as technologically advanced does not mean Israel must use similar weapons and forfeit its technological edge and deterrent capabilities.

Peace will one day come. It will come on the day when extremist groups bent on genocide, such as Hamas, are marginalized. Right now, unfortunately, the people of Gaza are saddled with a government that hates Jews more than they love their own children. Their actions prove that point with each rocket fired and each time they encourage their citizens to become human shields.

On one side stands barbaric Hamas. On the other side stands civilized Israel. I stand with Israel.


  1. It's not only Hamas, it's the entire Palestinian-Arab polity that is the problem.

    Who amongst them is condemning Hamas right now?

    Yes, Golda was, and is, correct.

    1. Yes. I've seen Abbas condemn Israel's defensive actions, but I haven't heard him utter a word of condemnation for Hamas' indiscriminate targeting of Israeli civilians.

      It is truly amazing how people fault Israel for taking the necessary measures to protect its citizens when attacked and then claim the lack of a loss of life to deny Israel the right to respond.

  2. Paul In San FranciscoJuly 11, 2014 at 12:02 PM

    Notice that Hamas is telling ordinary palestinians to go back into their apartments and to their roofs, while the Hamas leaders are safely hiding in fortified basements? That shows you what a bunch of assholes they are. How about Ismail Haniyeh goes up on the roof, first? Yeah, didn't think he would.

    1. It doubles their war crime. The anti-Semites, sorry, the anti-Israel, sorry, pro-Palestinian, crowd ignore this and blame Israel because apparently the worst crime imaginable is that Jews will protect themselves.