Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sour Cream or Apple Sauce, That is the Question

Sour cream or apple sauce, that is the question:
Whether ‘tis to eat our latkes milchigs* or fleishigs**.
For with applesauce they are parve*** and we may enjoy them
And it matters not what we have alongside,
Then we may have pizza or steak with our latkes,
Although we may not have both of them together.
But when we choose sour cream,
Our die is cast,
Latkes become milchigs,
And we may enjoy steak with them no more.
This question is existential,
And yet it is rarely asked.
We go through the remainder of the year,
Never asking how we will eat our latkes,
For many of us the die is cast by heritage
How to eat our latkes being a tradition spanning generations.
Whether we eat sour cream or apple sauce,
That question was answered by our great-grandparents’ great-grandparents.
We just carry on the traditions,
How best we can,
And we hope to pass those traditions on to future generations.
Tonight, and for the next eight days,
We face that question.
We shall light candles,
We shall sing songs,
We shall spin our dreidels,
We shall eat our gelt,
We shall gorge ourselves on our latkes.
The only question is:
Shall we have sour cream or apple sauce while we do so?

* milchigs = dairy
** fleishigs = meat
*** parve = neither meat nor diary, fish and eggs are also parve

To everyone celebrating along with me, Happy Hanukkah. To those not celebrating, hope you enjoyed some Jewish-themed humor completely ripping off Shakespeare’s most famous line and learned a little something while you’re at it. Personally, I’ll be having my latkes tomorrow night, and I’ll be following family tradition and having them with sour cream. So, it’ll be no steak, or any other meat, with my latkes while I’m enjoying them. And, here’s something else for you all to hopefully enjoy, along the same lines as my diary:


  1. Sour cream for the win. And it can never hurt to mix things up a bit either, of course!


  2. LOVE the song.... Great deal....

    So I say both but if I have a preference it goes to Sour Cream....

    Get this, my wife (in a total blast of coolness) is supporting Chanukah this year and making Potato Latkes even though she is Gentile as they come.

    She is awesome for doing that - I so very much appreciate it!

    'Tis the season for all of us!!!!

  3. Let us know how that turns out with the latkes. And is she using flour or matzah meal?

  4. No idea... I am not asking because as you know I am not Kosher... so I don't care.

    For the first night the kids got yo-yo's that play Chanukah music and cups with Jewish Stars on it that light up blue. They are cool. But they are going to get over the next eight days - camping gear, one thing a night so that they can have their very own stuff for when we go camping.

  5. Very cool on the stuff you got them and giving them the whole traditional eight nights of presents. Are you also lighting the menorah?

  6. Of Course we are/have. You should see our house it is pretty funny. We have Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace and a nice Christmas tree and on our mantle above the stockings we have our Menorah - I will post a picture if I can.....

    It is a true meeting of holiday traditions.

  7. Sounds great, volley. Would be awesome if every 'mixed' family (hope that term's not offensive in any way? I'm from one myself, of course, so totally not my intent) were to do such things...

  8. So Volleyboy is married to a shiksa? His kids are Gentiles, then?

  9. Pretty much... yeah. My kids are Halachically not Jewish but they are by Hoq' Ha Shvut.

    And that matters, why?

    @ anon, Just FYI troll... My wife is the most non-prejudiced person I have ever met. She really does not care about race, ethnicity, religion or anything else. She is a far better human being than you will ever be or can even hope to be.

    My kids are being raised the same way. That sucks for you racists - eh?

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  11. Hey volley, does your personal troll Anon do tricks, too? Does he sit and roll over? Does he fetch?